Aksolotl Bazaar

16 December, Saturday 12.00-21.00

As always, there is a Christmas market at NikaKukWunderkammer in December! Every year I choose some glorious animal that inspires me and ceramics, sculptures, and sometimes even graphics appear! Tapirs have already wiggled their noses and stroked their watermelon cubs and jaguars have already wagged their spotted tails.

This year we are expecting Axolotls! This little marvellous dragon from the cold lakes will usher in happiness for the coming Chinese Year of the Dragon! Along with hot mulled wine there will be ceramics with axolotls; sculptures, and designer Berlin bags.

There will also be a lottery where you can win a ceramic plate, a gift certificate for our "Ton und Tapas" workshop, and many other gifts. Whoever comes in an Axolotl costume (or an Axolotl T-shirt or Axolotl pyjamas) will get a glass of mulled wine and a gift!

In the evening, folk musicians Ramblin’ Raven will drop by to visit the axolotls. Emma, Simon, and Darren will play some Scottish and Irish folk tunes and maybe even a few songs.